You have to divide your marital estate in a divorce. You may be strapped for cash as unmarried parents living apart. The truth is that there are many reasons why you might find it tempting to look for a family lawyer based on which one offers free initial consultations or charges the lowest hourly rate. This is a mistake beyond measure when your financial future or parental rights are at stake.


At The Landers Firm, PLC, in Memphis, you get the experience you pay for when you hire our attorneys. Why does experience matter when choosing your attorney?




Why Experience Matters When Choosing Your Attorney

Instinct: Every case involving family law is unique — and this is something you will hear often. Accomplishing your goals involves much more than knowing the letter of the law. The law is organic, varying slightly in application from case to case and constantly changing. It takes years to learn how to respond to it, like knowing the optimal time to file your divorce or how to be proactive in setting yourself up for the best outcome.


Ability to fight for you, not just fight: Ending a relationship can be messy. You might be furious with your spouse or worried that he or she will try to take advantage of you. Situations like this are why people think they need a self-ascribed "bulldog" attorney, someone who can beat your opponent into submission. This is a mistake that can actually backfire on you. Not only do many family laws leave little room for it, but it can make judges feel biased against you. An attorney with experience knows how to read people and when to fight and when to back off to produce the best results. He or she knows when litigation or mediation will produce better results.


Litigation experience: Property settlements are generally nonmodifiable in Tennessee except under very unusual circumstances. When a part of your overall settlement is modifiable, like a child support order, it is often difficult. You basically get one shot to get it right in any situation. And yes, family law matters often end up in court. Why would you want your attorney to use your case to learn how to build an effective argument?


Reputation: An attorney with a reputation for getting results is an asset even before you step into a courtroom. Other lawyers in the Memphis area know The Landers Firm name and know that they mean business — and have the knowledge to back it up — when their name is on a filing.

The Best Advice Is Given In Person

There are many more reasons why having our experience on your side matters. We would rather you learn how it can help you based on your individual situation. Begin the conversation about your future by calling our office at 901-522-1010. You may also send us your contact information.

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