There are many issues that you will have to decide when you make the decision to divorce. There are three things we will need to know and you should consider before you meet with us for your initial consultation at The Landers Firm, PLC. Those are:


A. Residency

During our consultation process it will be important to us to learn where you live and how long you've lived there because to file a "Complaint for Divorce" in Tennessee or Mississippi, you must have lived in Shelby County, Tennessee, for at least six months prior to filing, and to file a "Complaint for Divorce" in Arkansas, you must have lived in Arkansas for at least 60 days prior to filing. As you can see, we also do work in outlying counties near Shelby County.


If you have contacted us regarding an international child abduction matter under the Hague Convention, you need not be a resident here, but your child or children must have been located in the United States, and immediately prior to the abduction your child or children must have lived in a nation that is also a signatory to the Hague Convention.


B. Children

We will want to know about all of your children, especially those who are either under 18 years of age or older than 18 years of age and still in high school, all of whom are defined as "minor children" under Tennessee law. Older special needs children may also be considered "minor children" under certain circumstances, and only "minor children" are governed by divorce court orders in Tennessee.


C. Divorce Vs. Separation

We will also talk with you with regard to your desires for either a formal legal separation or a divorce. While there are very few circumstances that warrant pursuing a formal separation instead of a divorce, long-term mental health, medical, or insurance needs may make formal separation more appropriate for you.


If you are ready to schedule your first consultation, call our office at 901-522-1010 or send us your contact information.

What Are The Important Questions To Be Considered?

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