At The Landers Firm, PLC, we help you resolve tough family disputes in the best way possible. Understanding your goals is the first step. Building an effective strategy to achieve your desired results is the second. So our conversation may begin by answering the question, "Mediation or litigation?"


Our lawyers can facilitate the process as mediators or represent you individually. Call 901-522-1010 or complete a confidential form online to schedule an appointment at our office in Memphis, Tennessee.


Whether Requirement Or Choice, Mediation Has Its Benefits

Mediation may be a requirement in some situations, a choice in others or excluded due to certain circumstances. While we are willing to litigate your matter and certainly have the skill, we encourage you to consider giving mediation a good faith effort when circumstances allow. Here is why:


 • We are still your advocate: Mediation does not mean you give up the protections you were afforded

     by having an attorney on your side, representing your individual interests.

 • Keep the details of your personal life private: All conversations between parties take place behind

     closed doors. You are not forced to share or argue over personal and private details in an

     open courtroom.

 • Control your risk: You can present evidence and argue your case in court, but the judge always

     has the final word. During mediation, you control which compromises you are willing to make.

     Additionally, numerous studies show that people who reach an agreement through mediation

     are more satisfied with the result and thus more likely to abide by the terms.

 • Quicker resolutions: In mediation, a judge's busy schedule does not dictate your schedule. You

    decide when, where and how often you meet. How long the process takes is entirely up to you.

 • Cost-effective solutions: Filing fees, court costs and hourly rates quickly add up in litigation.

    Mediation helps you avoid much of this expense.

 • Suitable for complex property division: You might assume that mediation is not an option

    because you own a small business or high-value assets. The assumption is entirely false. In

    fact, mediation leaves room for more flexible and creative solutions.


Timing Matters. Contact Us To Start Planning Your Strategy.

Whether it is required or not, mediation is most effective when initiated at the right time. If you are considering divorce or facing a decision that involves family law, it is crucial to begin a conversation with an attorney as soon as possible.


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