Nothing can be more frightening for parents than to have their children taken. All too often, children are taken not by a stranger, but by another parent. When they are taken from their country of lawful residence and brought to the U.S., returning the child is a complicated process that demands the assistance of a professional.


The Landers Firm, PLC, has developed a strong practice in the area of international child abduction. Founding attorney Suzanne Landers and her partner, Lucie Brackin, have not only extensive knowledge of the law involving international child abductions under the Hague Convention, but also a strong passion for helping parents in these situations.


If your child has been abducted by his or her other parent or you think it possible, please call our office in Memphis, Tennessee, at 901-522-1010 immediately to discuss your options.


You Can Take Steps To Prevent Abductions

Parents involved in a relationship in which one or both partners have dual or foreign citizenship or live abroad face the possibility of international child abduction. When they do, they often feel as though they are helpless to prevent it. Do not believe this. Your attorney can take proactive steps to prevent abduction.


Common warning signs of abduction include:


 • Contentious separations

 • No strong ties to the U.S., such as limited family support or career prospects

 • Hiding assets, opening new credit cards or taking out large sums of cash from

    bank accounts

 • Lying about or concealing conversations with foreign family members

 • Using child custody or parenting time to control or manipulate actions, such

    as threatening to withhold visitation

 • Expressing the desire to raise the child in another country

 • Planning a trip to a foreign country

 • A history of relocating


Do Not Ignore Your Instincts. Contact Us Instead.

International child abductions can happen quickly. The most important thing you can do is follow your instincts and talk to our lawyer the moment you suspect that the other parent could remove your child.


We urge you to call our law firm at 901-522-1010 immediately to schedule a consultation. You may also send us your information, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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