At The Landers Firm, PLC, we have experience representing both men and women, business owners and employed persons, people of all ages and income levels. We handle complex family issues related in any way to divorce, legal separation, adoption, paternity, child support, custody or residential parent determinations, visitation or parenting time, unpaid court-ordered support, post-divorce disputes, and abduction under the Hague Convention.


Although the cases we handle involve many different types of people and their various legal issues, there are a few questions that our clients frequently ask and our attorneys answer. Many of which are related to the divorce process in Tennessee*. Those include:


    What happens first if I'm considering divorce?

    What are important questions to be considered?

    Do we have to agree on everything?

    What are the phases of divorce?

    What are the time frames involved in a divorce?

    Additional frequently asked questions


If you have a family law matter, we know you probably have questions. We also know that the best answers come only from knowing the individual circumstances of your case. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with our attorneys if you have questions. Call us at 901-522-1010 or send us your contact information.


* Please remember that we cannot give accurate legal advice to you on this page. Every set of circumstances in every case is different. Therefore, please use this page for general information purposes but not for the rendering of legal advice applicable to you or your case.

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