When you file for divorce in Memphis, you will have to divide your marital estate. You cannot modify property settlements in Tennessee except under very extraordinary circumstances, so it is crucial that you make thoughtful decisions and draft a solid agreement.


At The Landers Firm, PLC, we build strategies designed solely around the idea of asset protection. State laws dictate that marital property be divided equitably, not necessarily equally. Our goal is to help you walk away with a thoughtful property settlement that allows you to sustain the life you want to live after your divorce.


"Have you handled a case of my size?" We have a record of success helping individuals protect their financial interests in situations where every penny counts to those who have multimillion-dollar estates.


Property division is about more than determining who gets what. Our lawyers are adept at identifying separate property, uncovering hidden assets and accurately valuing complex property such as:


 • Retirement portfolios that have withdrawal penalties and different tax implications

 • Businesses with tangible and intangible assets such as patents or accounts receivable

 • Family businesses with ownership restrictions

 • Professional practices with goodwill

 • Executive compensation that includes bonuses and employee benefits, like a company car

 • Real estate with equity and/or liability, potentially located out of state or in

    another country

 • Luxury vehicles, antiques and collectibles that require expert valuation

 • Investments with built-in gain potential

 • Season tickets and club memberships with purchase and resale value


We Can Help You Be Proactive In The Protection Of Your Financial Interests

Are you ready to file for divorce? Has your spouse served you with a complaint? Even if you are only considering divorce, we encourage you to talk with our lawyers. We can help you take proactive steps to protect your interests. The more information you gather prior to your initial consultation, the better we can assess your situation and talk about the potential implications of a divorce.


Call our office at 901-522-1010 to schedule your first consultation with our attorneys. You may also send us your contact information using our online form

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