The relationship you have with your child is paramount. The support that you will pay or receive is very important. Legal matters concerning child custody and support cannot be taken lightly. We certainly give them careful thought at The Landers Firm, PLC.


Our lawyers respect the need for balance. They are well-trained litigators who know how to use the law to help resolve issues involving your children, whether you are an unmarried parent or one going through a divorce. They also understand your need for solutions that work around your schedule, career and family life in general.


If you would like to speak with our lawyers, call 901-522-1010 to schedule a meeting at our office in Memphis, Tennessee.


We can help you with all family law matters involving your children such as:


 • Determining child custody (primary/alternate residential parent)

   and understanding how it works in Tennessee

 • Developing realistic parenting schedules or plans

 • Establishing or contesting paternity

 • Determining accurate child support calculations

 • Enforcing child support orders

 • Modifying orders based on relocation or other circumstances

 • Resolving international child abductions


Begin A Thoughtful Conversation About Your

Rights And Options

When you meet with us for your initial consultation, you will sit down with at least one attorney and have an in-depth conversation about your situation and your legal needs. This is a meaningful conversation to explain your rights and help you understand your options for protecting or enforcing them.


Call our law office at 901-522-1010 to schedule your consultation. You may also send us your contact information, and our lawyers will reach out to you.

Thoughtful Child Custody And Support Solutions

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Alimony or Spousal Support

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