Additional Questions We Get Asked Frequently

Some questions don't need an entire page to answer, but are none-the-less important. Many of the following questions can have a significant impact on your divorce, after your divorce or on your expectations as you enter the process.


These include:


What is the difference in Men's Rights and Women's Rights in a divorce?

What is a "Parenting Education Class," and where do I take it?

What if there has been domestic violence in my relationship?

Will my divorce be like my friend's divorce?

Can I change my name?

What if someone is delinquent on alimony or child support?

What if I am in bankruptcy or need to file bankruptcy?


If you have additional questions or ones about your particular situation, those should be answered by an attorney on a case-by-case basis. Meet with our attorneys at The Landers Firm, PLC, and discuss your individual situation. Call our office at 901-522-1010 to schedule your meeting. You can also send us an email, and an attorney at our firm will contact you.



What Is The Difference In Men's Rights In A Divorce And Women's Rights In A Divorce?

There is no difference at all when it comes to men's rights in a divorce and women's rights in a divorce. All mothers and fathers are entitled to equal treatment both as parents and spouses. The law gives neither parent any kind of presumption of superiority regarding their parenting abilities – even for young children and babies. In a divorce, the law looks to the earning capacities, actual earnings, and needs of both men and women when it comes to financial support and the division of assets. In other words, men's rights in a divorce and women's rights in a divorce begin on equal ground in Tennessee and many other states. Differences in how men and how women may be treated in a divorce are determined by facts.


What Is A "Parenting Education Class,"

And Where Do I Take It?

A parenting education class is a four-hour seminar that is required for all parents of minor children involved in a divorce. In this course, which is offered by numerous providers around the city, you will learn about the impact of divorce on children. You can locate a provider near you by clicking on the following link: www.shelbycountytn.gov/index.aspx?nid=337. No online providers of this class are currently approved by our court system. You must attend in person and retain your certificate of completion for filing with the Court. Please note that some providers do not allow spouses to take the course at the same time.


What If There Has Been Domestic Violence In My Relationship?

If there has been domestic violence in your relationship or if either of you has been accused of domestic violence, we need to know right away so that special steps can be taken.


Will My Divorce Be Like My Friend's Divorce?

Never. In the decades that we have practiced in this area of the law, no two cases have been the same, and no two outcomes have been the same. Thank your friends and family for encouraging you with their details and questions; however, be very wary of their version of their facts and the relationship of those facts to their legal outcome.


Can I Change My Name?

You can, but it is not always recommended. We will talk with you about the impact your name change may have on any minor children who will carry your former name.


What If Someone Is Delinquent On Alimony

Or Child Support?

The courts treat this situation with great seriousness, and jail time may even be ordered and served. If you or your former spouse is behind in any court-ordered payments, we need to know right away, and we will take steps to handle the situation promptly.


What If I Am In Bankruptcy Or Need To File Bankruptcy?

If your financial circumstances are such that bankruptcy is a possibility, we will help place you in the care of competent, affordable bankruptcy counsel who will work with us as a team to best manage your situation.



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