An Entirely Different Legal Experience

In 1997, attorney Suzanne Landers founded The Landers Firm, PLC, in Memphis, Tennessee, on the idea that you can practice family law effectively without fitting a particular mold. Prior to starting her own firm, she spent several years working for well-respected large law firms, honing her litigation skills and developing a comprehensive knowledge of the law.


At The Landers Firm, PLC, our mission is to provide balance between work and life. We are extremely selective about who we hire in terms of both competence and personality. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and highly talented litigators, but they are also spouses, parents, participants in the community and very effective problem solvers. We encourage one another to honor both career and family life.


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  C. Suzanne Landers

  Amy W. Martin

  Lucie K. Brackin

  Carrie Eaker Kerley

  Ashley Martin

  Joshua A. Wallis

  Kate Anderson

  Suzanne Brown


     How Does Our Flexible Structure Benefit You?

The result of our operational choices is an atmosphere of cooperation and adaptability that benefits our clients as much as it does our lawyers:


Creative and tailored solutions: Balancing our own work with our lives motivates us to think about how an agreement can fit into your life, not how you will have to change your life to fit it.

Trust: Even the most experienced attorney cannot help you unless he or she has all of the facts, which means sharing personal details about your feelings and private life. We do everything in our power to make you feel comfortable.

Cost savings: We typically assign two different-priced attorneys to each case, but you are only charged for one except in unusual circumstances. This allows us to use your funds strategically, while giving you the benefit of two creative minds. Our goal is to help you accomplish yours without unnecessary expense.

Call our office at 901-522-1010 or send us your contact information to schedule your first meeting with our lawyers. It is not a cursory introduction, but a comprehensive discussion of your rights and options.

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